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C2 Prep Time

College and Career (C2) Prep Team


Budds, Scott

Shaffer, Jason

Threlfall, Jeffrey

Woods, Jessica

The College and Career (C2) Prep Team at Windy Hill Middle School was established to ensure that all students excel academically and to better assist with the enhancement of 21st century skills for college and career readiness. 

C2Prep Team teachers will be assigned to each grade level team, so students will get to know their teachers very well throughout the school year.   They will meet with students in their respective subject areas once per month, providing a continuation of high-level lessons.  Students are sure to benefit from this time with the C2Prep Team!

The C2Prep Team will serve as a resource for teachers, lending their help in the implementation of the new Florida State Standards, BYOT, and blended learning.  In addition, they will provide students the opportunity to master decision making skills, self-reflection, reading analysis, problem solving, research skills, and WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading) skills in a classroom setting.

iPD (Innovative Professional Development)

The iPD Challenge represents an ambitious attempt to improve teacher support systems and the availability of high-quality professional development. It is based on the theory that if a district adopted a better approach to matching professional development to teacher needs, it would improve the overall effectiveness of its teacher corps, which would in turn lead to improvements in student outcomes.

Professional development activities includes teachers interacting with one another — sharing lesson ideas, looking at student work, and observing their colleagues. Several teachers also suggested that getting feedback on their teaching is important for supporting instructional improvement. Overall, teachers improve the most through learning opportunities that are directly relevant to their practice.